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    Lumension Installation through Landesk




      Can someone help me with the procedure as how to install Lumension through LANDesk distribution package.

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          wcoffey SupportEmployee

          Hi skarnad, I'm not sure if you reviewed this article from Lumension or already have the installer package but if you do or once you have the msi package you can deploy it through lANDESK Software Distribution. https://www.lumension.com/kb/Home/Endpoint-Security/899.aspx

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            Hi wcoffey,


            I already have the msi and the MST file with me and I have created the MSI package for lumension.

            Below are the steps that I have followed,

            1) Created the MSI distribution package and pointed it to Lumension MSI package (I have selected the package path as "http:\\servername\lumension.msi").

            2) Under Install/uninstall options, I have selected the check box for "Install" and under command line I entered the below command " /I TRANSFORMS=LESclient.mst /qb /qn /l*v c:\clientlog.log"

            3) Under Additional files I added all the supported files.

            4) Created the Push task

            5) There is no specific error that I am getting, either the installer gets hung and it remains in the running state or it gives me the error "error downloading the file"


            Not sure if am doing something wrong, can you suggest something that will help resolve my issue