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    Automatic Action


      I have created a User management window and one of the attributes is to state request type as either "New starter" or "Leaver" i want an automatic Task action to be fired to a different support group when "New starter" is selected , this support group will set up VoIP login for the user. BUT this automatic task shouldn't stop the ticket from progressing to Open status to enable the relevant team set up a new window account for the new starter . In summary, if request type is "New Starter" ticket should progress to open status. Also an additional Automatic action should fire a task to xxxxsupport group. what are your suggestions please . see screenshot of part of the processscreenshot.png

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          I think what you need is a decision in your process to ask, "Is record New Starter". If the answer is NO, then it will just carry on. If the answer is YES, it will move through a side route where it will go through an automatic Add Task action before it carries on to the open status.


          This way the add task will automatically be added and the record will carry on without stopping.




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