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    Want to uninstall Office 2010 & Install O365 - what is the best way?

    GJHorn Specialist

      Here is what I would like to perform: an unattended removal of old Office and install of O365. Can this be done unattended?


      Here is what I am thinking:

      • Create a WMI script package to remove MS Office Communicator 2007 R2 and MS Office 2007.
      • Create a Click-to-run install package of O365
      • Run the removal of Office 2007 package with a reboot setting to reboot the computer
      • Without logging in - I would then push the O365 package.


      I have been trying this however, the reboot does not seem to go the way I want it to go. LANDesk will show that the 'task will complete after a reboot'. If the reboot setting is set to reboot after the task, why doesn't the computer reboot?


      We've had all the removal VBScripts and O365 installation package bundled into one Package. However, since the removal of Office normally needs a reboot, this method tends to remove Office and not install O365.


      Does anyone else have better methods?




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          wcoffey SupportEmployee

          Hi GJHorn,


          What version of Landesk are you currently using? In our 2016 version we've included "inter-package actions" in which you can add a "reboot" action between your packages. This functionality is applicable to bundle packages only.



          In 9.6 when utilizing a bundle, if your reboot settings are configured to "act as if a reboot is always needed" we will reboot after the package installation. The "detect whether a reboot is needed option" may not sense the need for a reboot if Windows doesn't list a reboot flag in the registry after the uninstall script is ran.  This functionality in your current build, if in the 9.6 environment, is not working as designed. We had an issue with Bundle packages not continuing on after reboot, which has been addressed in our latest 9.6 SP2 component patch (CP) (0323) and you will have to request this CP from support by opening a case.



          In the interim, you can utilize our provisioning tool, adding two (2) distribute software actions and one(1) reboot action under the system configuration  section. The first distribute software action would be for the removal of older office version, next comes the reboot action and finally the install of o365.

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            GJHorn Specialist

            We are running LD9.6 SP2 with component updates to 2015. I tried provisioning and was happy with it except for the fact that it will not continue if some user account does login. It is fairly important for the tasks to go on unattended. Yes the current bundled packages configured at Portal tasks do not continue the O365 install after the old Office is removed. So I am currently using two tasks - one to remove the old Office and the second to install O365. For the first task, I have the reboot setting in a separate Distribution & Repair setting. This usually works. I've been having some issues with the OffScrub.vbs files performing the Office 2007 removal if I separate out the Office 2007 in a separate task.




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              GJHorn Specialist

              Thanks for the information. However, I tried the provisioning method and worked great. Except it will not be good because we would like to run these removals and installations on unattended computers.