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    Kapersky Endpoint security 10 for windows is turned off


      Good day,

      Recently, users are receiving the window pop message "Kapersky endpoint security 10 for windows is turned off. Click to turn on".  You can see the attached photo of the message.  We do not include Endpoint in our agent deployment; only remote control, AV, and forms. We have not changed any setting on our agent for over a year.   We are running LD 9.5 SP2. The result of the message then prevents the user from access internet activity until the PC is rebooted. 

      Has anyone else received the same issues recently?  All I can find so far is on the Kapersky forum which, some what relates to the same issue.  Kaspersky Lab Forum > Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Crashes after Windows updates [In progress] [1682851]