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    New Reassignment Field - Details (html)

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      We are using LANDesk 7.8 and have a lot of analysts who are not happy with the current reassignment window.  In our current setup we have a plain text 'Details' field containing the html code required but this often gets messed up when other analysts want to amend this field with their own notes.


      I have had a go at creating a html field to see if this will be a sufficient replacement for the current plain text window. 


      How do I get the 'Notify assignee', 'Notify originator' fields to link to the new field to send out the notifications?  Can I use these existing objects or will I have to create new 'notify' objects as well?  Is there an easier way to handle this that I have overlooked?  It doesn't seem that you can easily update the current plain text field to html.