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    Cannot get the Offscrub.vbs scripts to work in LANDesk

    GJHorn Specialist

      I've been trying to push WMI scripts using the OffScrub.vbs script to uninstall Office 2007 or 2010 or 2013 but not being successful. The tasks complete successfully but the Office applications are still installed. Even Lync 2010 or Communicator 2007 R2 are installed. I have been successful before but now they don't want to get uninstalled for some reason. Is there something I'm missing in LANDesk? Been doing this for awhile now and I just don't understand why it works sometimes but not other times.


      I create the WMI script package using the OffScrub.vbs file and use the ALL, PROPLUS, or STANDARD switches. I then bundle the Lync removal script package with the Office removal package. This is a bundle. Are there problems with bundle packages?


      Running LANDesk 9.6 SP2.