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    Dialog Box when modeling UnModeled Data in DTS


      When I model "unmodeled data" under DTS, I get the following dialog box after I click "Model for me."

      There is no mention of this specific dialog in the LDDA User Guide.


      Can anyone tell me what this means and the implications of each yes or no option?

      Is there a "default" response to is dialog?  Please advise.

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          Consider things like Warranty Information. It won't be in the scan files, so the Inventory Server Service could either keep the existing data or clear it.


          What's better is very much depending on what you want to achieve. What data are you trying to gather?



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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            To add to Frank's point it's about "persistent" / "permanent" data.


            It's possible to configure data to be persistent (so - "don't delete it, even if it doesn't show up in an inventory scan") which can be handy for situations that never WILL usually be part of an inventory scan (stuff like "data from a sticker on the box" with your corporate system identifier).


            That type of information SHOULD be in the OS somewhere (custom data in registry or so) I argue, as "information on a sticker" that the computer doesn't hold is pretty painful to deal with (as you're relying on human entry at some point & hope that it's not been fouled up anywhere).


            Hope that makes some sense / explains what that's about.

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