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    New to reporting, could use some help with sums/totals.


      Hello all, thanks for reading my post.  Well, we just implemented LANDesk Management Suite 8.8 SP1 over the past couple of weeks.  This is our first week of working with queries and reports.  Here is my question that I cannot get my hands around:  I want to show the total logical disk space for each of my managed systems.  Most systems have one hard drive with two partitions, but there are a few with an additional drive and partition.  I would like to create a report that groups each device name with the total logical disk space for each of its drives/partitions...just one total per line.  I'm familiar with updating report designs in MS Access, and while similar, LANDesk report designer does not allow me to edit as freely.  I also tried different settings with a new group header, and get close, but I'm still missing the overall total piece.  Can someone help me get started or point me to a good reference for LANDesk report design?  Thanks in advance from this newbie! 

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          This is a useful DOC about creating a custom report. It concentrates on the Count rather than the total but is still a good guide:


          How to add a "total count" box in a custom report


          In your case, instead of using DCount, use DSum.



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            Thanks MarXtar.  Actually I had found that article and attempted it before posting with the DSum value.  I walked through it again and I'm still not getting what I'm looking for.  I know this has to be simpler than what I'm making it out to be, so continue to bear with me.    It's just a learning hurdle I need to get over.  Here is an example of what I'm trying to achieve...


            The data is as follows for two PCs...


            PCName1 (two partitions)

            1. 20500KB Total Logical Space
            2. 40500KB Total Logical Space

            PCName2 (three partitions)

            1. 20500KB Ttoal Logical Space
            2. 18000KB Total Logical Space
            3. 10000KB Total Logical Space

            I want a report that looks like this, with one line per PC, totaling the logical space...


            PC Name                                                    Total Logical Space

            PCName1                                                             61000KB

            PCName2                                                             48500KB


            Can this be done?