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    How to understand the column Scanned and Not scanned ?


      Hi there,


      i've trouble to master the number of PC scanned and not scanned for a vulnerabilitie (Patch and Compliance view>Vulnerabilities).


      Let's take an exemple : I've created a groupe of 80 KBs from Jan. 2016 to March 2016 to deploy on 459 computers. I need now to know how many computer are affected, scanned...


      For that, we have 3 Columns : Scanned, Not scanned and Detected. Here is what i see :




      Detected is easy to understand : it's how many computers have the vulnerabilitie based on the Scanned number.

      Not scanned is also pretty much clear : It's how many computers have not been scanned.


      But how to understand Scanned number ? Currently i have some KB which are not scanned on the whole parc (451-459= 8 missing). Does it's means that i have trouble with 8 computers ? Or does it means my 459 computers was scanned but only 451 was eligible for a scan for this KB and 1 got troubles ? It's unclear for me.


      Cheers !