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    Why is my 'Portal settings' 'Select the portal option for this task' 'Portal options' grayed out?

    bialae Apprentice

      I have LANDesk Management suite 2016 and my problem is that all of my Scheduled tasks 'Portal options' (under Tsk settings), are grayed out and I cannot select any of them.

      I want to select the option which says 'Recommended (display in portal', but because all of the options are grayed out, I cannot select any of them.

      I am logged in as LANDesk Administrator and I also already checked the 'Roles" that I have, and I see I have all the permissions checked.

      Please may I asked if anyone in the Community could please kindly show me how to fix and that I could please make all the 'Portal options' become active for selection.

      Thank you all so very much.