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    Multiple questions about proxyhost.exe


      Hey All,


      I am having issues with ProxyHost.exe. This is happening solely on machines in my DMZ. I'm hoping to get some information on what is happening and how to remedy it.


      1. What does ProxyHost.exe do? I'm sure there is documentation out there, but I haven't been able to find it.


      2. Can/Should ProxyHost.exe be disabled?


      3. Is there a setting that should be specified when deploying DMZ agents so that it doesn't trigger daily?


      Every day since installing my agent out in the DMZ, I have errors in the Event Log on every single machine. I have kind of ignored them while I got the environment set up, but it seems some of our developers are blaming slowdowns and application crashes on ProxyHost.exe.


      Any information and/or help remedying this situation would be extremely helpful.