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    Content Replication change location

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      I have a preferred server setup on a remote site, which I would like to replicate the driver/images/patches/packages to the remote site server. I would like to have the content be placed on a different volume, and not the servers C: drive. When I run content replication it places drivers/images/patches/packages in C:\Program Files x86\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache and fills up my C: drive.


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          Let me explain how it is working in our environment:


          1. We crated shares ( including IIS config) on our central repository

          2. Added Sources pointing to those shares in LANDesk -> Content replication -> Sources

          3. On the preferred server we created exactly the same shares +IIS with identical permissions

          4. Added a new preferred server with desired config ( sources, schedule, IP range etc) - in Selected Replicator -> Run options we set "Limit the number of days files are kept in cache" to 1 day, so cache is cleaned every day

          5. When replication starts it first copy the files to C:\Program Files x86\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache and after that file is copied to desired destination


          However, usually our servers has about 40 GB for system drive (C:), and we have to replicate about 90Gb of data, which was causing issues on recently created preferred servers.


          To mitigate this, we are making first replication "manually" using robocopy.


          Hope this helps you