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    Can not change Page size in custom reports

    surfingjoe Rookie

      Created custom query

      While creating a custom report with Report Designer, certain columns are not wide enough and wraps text for certain columns.

      Therefore, would like to change the paper size to something like 11x17, allowing me to make some of the columns much wider.

      By having wider columns & exporting to Excel, I can try to get all data in some of the fields to be in one cell rather than wrapping to the cell below in Excel


      I'm a Newbie, so if there is a better way to accomplish getting all my data in a single row for each device, great let me know.


      In the meantime, for some reason, I can't change the page size when creating a report in report designer.  It shows the page as 8.5" x 11" with a down arrow, but selecting that down arrow does nothing, won't let me change the page size, as well all other parameters are greyed out, as though I have no ability to change page parameters