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    LDMS 2016: Cannot deploy packages to PC when no user logged on, or local admin logged on

    jdseymour01716 Apprentice

      We are in the process of migrating from an old 9.0.2 core to a 2016 one, and have stumbled across a strange problem. Scheduled tasks do not deploy to PCs when no domain user is logged on. The error message we get it:


      No user has logged on to the system, failed operation - Return Code 140


      We also use Targeted LDAP jobs for our PC builds, where it starts deploying automatically after Provisioning has finished, with the user logged on as local Administrator. This now fails to start.


      All of this is very odd, considering it all works fine on the old core!


      LANDesk Scheduler Service has been configured to use a domain account with rights to our software repository.