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    Is there anyway to see which process or task generated an email


      I am trying to investigate the source of some rogue emails sent from our landesk system. They relate to a request process and associated tasks but do not contain the correct wording and are not being sent at the samw time as when a new request is generated. Is there a way to trace back an email to see which process or task generated it? I can see the emails in the outbound queue but that gives me little other detail than when the email was sent.


      Any idea appreciated.


      Thanks, G

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi Gareth,


          there are two easy options on how to find outgoing emails from a process. The first one is to look up the so called audit trail. It is generally shown directly beneath your actions in WebDesk (not in Workspaces). There are all manual and automatic actions shown and you can click on most of them to look up the content.


          The second option would be to look up all Reminders in your database. For every Domain (eg. Incidents, Changes, Requests, etc.) there are separate tables. For the Requests the tables would be rm_reminder and rm_reminder_recipient. In the rm_reminder the column rm_request_guid will guide you to the related request on rm_request and pm_process. This will only work if you do not tidy up your outgoing messages using a scheduled action or manual deletion.