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    switch between sessions MC9200



      I`m trying to configure the switch/toggle between sessions keys red/green points but it doesn`t work. I have foud a solution at your page about macros for 9190 but unfortunatelly it doesn`t work. This is Windows CE 7.0 MC9200.

      Thank you 

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          Check out this discussion if you haven't already.


          Toggling between sessions in TE


          I previously landed on using the Ctrl+Arrow key combinations to toggle between sessions. You may be able to remap the Red & Green keys on the MC92N0 to the Ctrl-Left Arrow and and Ctrl-Right Arrow but you will need to find the key values for each of the macros. If you have an existing Macro that works for the MC9190 then maybe the Red and Green keys have different values on the MC92N0. You can actually remap those key values within the registry on the MC9XXX series so maybe your base device configuration has mapped them to something different than the default values.


          Either way, you can determine each of the key values through the Diagnostics menu in TelnetCE on the device:


          1. Click ALT + D to open diagnostics (Or open via the Menu > View > Emulation keyboard. Select cfg and then click Diagnostics) Finding the hex values for device keys
          2. Use the Windows Keyboard Diagnostics to find the hex value of the characters you are wanting to create a macro for.
            • Ctrl-Left Arrow: ???
            • Ctrl-Right Arrow:???
            • Red Key: ???
            • Green Key: ???