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    Learning Landesk


      Hi guys


      So I've been learning Landesk for about 4 months buts it's painful and I thought that Landesk would teach me in their course but I now find out it's a basic cover


      It's not easy for me to just read manuals I need to learn as I apply


      My question to you Landesk Guru's is this?


      Can you guide me to what you would think as good learning tools, so basically breaking it down as follows


      Image creation



      Core creations

      Thick imaging

      Thin imaging

      And many more


      Any or all or your ideas, guides, online learning would be really helpful


      I'm even happy to pay for learning but just want it right





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          Hi Paul,

          I'm learning LANDesk service desk now and it is a little bit difficult at the very beginning.

          After a while, like a few months like you, you may reach a plateau, at this stage congratulations you've learned some useful core feature of the product.

          At this stage I think work in real production environment will help a lot. You need gain experience at this stage.

          PS: I think you posted in a wrong place of community. You may post in "LANDESK Systems and Security".

          This place is intended for  LANDesk Service Desk.

          Hope you'll become an expert in LANDesk product soon.



          I hope that my answer solves your problem.  If it does, please set my answer as "Correct Answer", and this will help other customers to find the right answer in this discussion in future.

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            karenpeacock SupportEmployee

            Hi Paul


            I moved your post to the Systems and Security area.  You mention that you've been on a course but perhaps there are also some others of interest on : http://training.landesk.com/


            You can also access some online training videos at: E-Learning Systems and Security Management for example: LANDESK Patch Management 9.6.2 ILO Video & Content


            There's also recorded webinars available here covering addressing specific business problems using LANDESK products: Momentum


            Best wishes


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              Kenyon Expert

              Contact a LANDESK [email protected]  Find A Partner | LANDESK . You can get directed over the shoulder training for your specific needs.

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                Hi Paul,


                Yes this is one of the bad things of LANDesk it's only the help files but I must say best practices are really missing.

                I learned it from testing, just try a few different combinations although when you find one it doesn't say the next patch it will be changed. Problems you are looking up in the community and you learn from the mistakes you make.

                Think your best bet is a third party I had it after a year or so but learned a lot of them. I was very happy with Welkom - Axle IT

                They made a few webinars in the last years https://community.landesk.com/community/momentum

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Since you're a "getting your hands on" kinda person, the webinars are probably an awesome way forward for you. They've been expanded to include access to virtual lab machines in recent months - so you can "do as the presenter does" and play around in a safe playpen. Worth checking out for sure.


                  Other than that, depending on what you're after - there's a LOT of Guides in the general area of community (yes, a lot of it is down to reading - but your requirements are very broad, so it's hard to not point to the basics).


                  If you run into a specific question / problem - for instance "I'm having trouble imaging <insert hardware model here>" - then that's usually good grounds for a dedicated topic. Especially around the OS Provisioning arena (for instance), certain hardware models/manufactures or "hardware features" cause all manners of "fun" headaches in actually automating provisioning for them - and chances are "other people" are using the same hardware & may have already solved those headaches.


                  In regards to Software distribution, the basics of "how to create a package" are covered by us. However, there's a lot of good (or harm) that can be done based on the quality (or lack thereof) of the person's skill in re-packaging a software package (different skill set entirely). One of the more memorable "WTF?" moments around this (which started out as "software package fails to install") was:

                  • A package that was wrapped in an MSI that was wrapped in an EXE that was wrapped in an MSI (and started out as an EXE).
                  • The package was calling on MSI command-line parameters that didn't exist / weren't going to work...
                  • ... the package "as is" - with the commandline "as is" would never install at the best of times. Of course, no documentation on it was available (nor was there anyone left who had an idea as to why the package had 3 layers of re-packaging in it).


                  ... the "biggest problem" around LANDesk (and other tools like it) is that there's not only "the tool itself" to learn, but a lot around it as well. You'll touch on nearly every area of IT. To give you a bunch of examples:

                  • (Basic) SQL skills are VERY useful ... both for admin & reporting (so you can do stuff like this - Getting started with Patch Reporting (SQL, Tables & such)).
                  • Scripting is very useful - both for software distribution and all manner of automation (including stuff like this - Getting Started with the MBSDK (Example Scripts Included) ).
                  • Understanding of Networking / being friendly with Wireshark is a general troubleshooting help.
                  • Being familiar with IIS is useful if you're in a larger organisation & need to fine-tune it a bit ...
                  • Being familiar with Active Directory is useful for troubleshooting NT-authentication stuff / active directory shenanigans when they happen ...


                  ... and so on. Because LANDesk (and tools like it) touch on "virtually the entirety of IT" you're not really going to ever run out of new things to learn.