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    Provisioning the new Dell 7270/7470 laptops


      Having a hell of a time provisioning the new Dell 7270/7470 laptops. When the Win 7 Pro image is laid down, the computer reboots and does the `Windows has encountered an error and will need to restart` loop. If I configure/adjust the HII drivers for those and other Dell laptops, sometimes it will work successfully. Has anyone else seen this? This same provisioning template has worked well for the previous models of Dell 7250/7450 laptops.


      Many times the Windows image is put down and a reboot will cause a BSOD after Windows mini-setup is run. If I turn off HII in the provisioning actions, the provisioning will work but we have no drivers installed. Most of the time I think the USB drivers are the issue. I don't understand why the drivers written by its own company have so many issues on its own computers.


      Any  body have a clue?




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