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    Hi Everyone,


      I have a query, i am using LANDesk 9.5 SP2 in our infra environment, and we are managing around 1500+ servers for monthly patching(Basic Info)

      Now the problem is that suddenly one day some around 150+ servers got decommission from the console automatically or we don't know how and who did this but after logging those server agent is already there but those are not reflecting in console but after we run the inventory manually it came back to console,so i need to know that which log i can check to know what is the root cause for this problem so that we can get a solution in future.

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          It sounds like perhaps the devices were removed because they didn't send an inventory scan in. In Configure - Services - Inventory, there is a setting "Days to keep inventory scans". When set to 0, they are kept forever. Any other number will clear machines from the database if the Core has not received an Inventory Scan from them in the specified number of days.


          I would suggest that you make sure the regularly scheduled inventory scans are running and consider the right setting to use for "Days to keep inventory scans" in your environment.

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            Thanks Tanner for your response Problem resolved.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              As a (mostly unrelated) aside (I just happened to trawl through the recent threads) - be mindful that 9.5 has been EOL'ed since December of last year.


              And some of the more recent (well - over the past 2+ years) SSL related problems would require you to patch up (ideally to SP3 - but if you're going to roll out newer agents, you might as well upgrade to a full new version at this point). That'd also include better support for Windows 10 & potentially other OS'es (depending on what you have in your estate) as well as 64-bitness on the server & support for Windows 2012 (as it won't be that much longer 'til 2008 starts going EOL as well).


              Just trying to make sure you're aware is all .


              If you're not sure (/your contracts people can't tell you) if you're entitled to an upgrade ("just" requires you to have had an active support agreement when the relevant versions came out) then you can get in touch with your respective sales guy/gal & we can check up for you.