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    Missing Signal Strength indicator on Moto/Zebra scanners with Jedi or X-Wing based Wifi cards (MCx190, MC92N0)



      Since migrating from the MC9090 mobile computer, we notice the signal strength indicator doesn't display. We still see the battery status but no signal strength, despite it's setting in Wavelink TenetCE. The only real difference I see (aside from OS versions, WM5-vs-WM6.5) is the new devices are no longer using the  "Photon" based NIC, x190 series uses the JEDI driver and the 92N0 is using the X-Wing. I am using the approved version of TelnetCE for each device, 7.3.196 on the 92N0.


      Is there a fix/setting so we can see that wifi signal strength indicator on these newer devices??


      Thanks in Advance!