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    Process check if Category is set to specific value


      I am trying to check in the process if the category is set to a specific value. We already use "is category set?" in a decision so is not null etc, that works, i then want to check if it is not null is it set to a particular category, so add a decision set the following;


      Title - what category?

      Condition type - Standard

      Attribute - Category

      Object attribute - I have tried Title, full name and description

      Condition -  Equals

      Value type - specific value

      Value - <name of the category i want to check for> again tried names that show in attributes from title and fullname etc


      Doesn't seem to be able to check the category name, I linked this new decision to awaiting analyst status if value was NO so i know the decision is being processed. It will not accept the category name i am trying to check for any ideas?

      I ran a query on the attrubuts for category to double check I am using the right ones, seems to be so confused.