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    Does anyone have an alternate solution for SWD reboot prompts?

    cyberdemon Apprentice

      Other than controlling reboot and prompts within a script, what are your ideas for this?


      I was using LDMS 9.5sp3 a year ago, and I could do it this way How to use the vulscan reboot notification for software distribution which worked like a charm. I loved this feature. Brilliant.


      Now, here we are on 9.6 sp2 and they (LANDesk) screwed the pooch and we can no longer use this method. Or at least, I'm not able to figure out how to now that they separated out the patch manager/reboot.


      Does anyone have any other solutions?


      If it can only be done in a script now, does anyone want to share how you would do that....say in a .bat file?


      Appreciate any community suggestions