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    Metadta problem

    pdabrowski Apprentice



      As of this morning I am having an issue when creating new Incident.


      After choosing a User none of the data (like: Company, ID, Email etc.) being pulled out. Instead I am getting "error":



      In English would be something like this: Company type atribute can not be found. Check metadata catalog.


      As far as I can tell this just apppeared, without me doing any changes to cause it. It was working just fine yesterday.


      When I try to open a new Incident through Console, everything seem to be in order, but not through webaccess.


      Any idea how can I rectify this?

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee

          Just to makesure it isn't a blip have you performed a recycle of the application pools/iisreset?


          Are you using copy rules to populate the Company values etc or are you using the User, Customer, Company filters?  Console uses handlers - check the properties of RaiseUser, Company and Customer, if applied, filters are applied to the attributes which can be checked in object designer.





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            Eric Xiang SupportEmployee

            Does this happen to all users or just one user? Have you tried on a different compurter or browser?

            Have you try restart IIS or restart the server?


            I hope that my answer solves your problem.  If it does, please set my answer as "Correct Answer", and this will help other customers to find the right answer in this discussion in future.

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              pdabrowski Apprentice

              Bingo! Geeez, I totally  forgot about the fact that I was playing with these settings for a brief moment. It was just before finishing my day yesterday. It seems one should not do that, my mind was abviously somwhere alse already...


              Thanks a lot! 

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                John Stuart-Robson Employee

                You are welcome and glad to be of assistance.


                Many Thanks