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    Unsigned Drivers in LDMS2016


      Hi, I've found the document detailing the issue with unsigned drivers in LDMS 9.6 at Issue: Unsigned drivers not working in Hardware Independent Imaging (HII). Does this condition still apply to LDMS2016?



      TIA, Derrick

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Can't verify myself, since I don't have any unsigned drivers to hand at the moment, but based on the following (highlighted) segments from the article you have correctly identified & found



          Installing unsigned drivers only works when HII runs in WinPE.  In WinPE, HII calls DISM to install the drivers and passes the /forceunsigned switch in the DISM command line if you've selected this option.  However, DISM does not allow installing drivers in a live Windows environment so HII running in Windows does not use DISM.  Windows API is used instead, and Windows API does not provide a way to install unsigned drivers.



          ... the limitations are set by the OS API's / DISM, not LANDesk. So as such, you're not likely to see any change in behaviour here with LD 2016 since we can't change the way Windows works.


          Hope that helps.