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    Push file to Zebra Android SD card


      Is there a way to push a file to the SD card of Zebra Android devices? I know you can send a file to /enterprise/usr/, but is there a way to specify the location the file gets sent?


      nrasmussen you've helped on other Android questions. Do you know the answer to this one? Thanks!

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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee



          Last I checked there was no way to push a file to another folder.  Unless Brett.Smith has gotten any cool new feature enhancements around this area done.



          Nick R

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            Brett.Smith SupportEmployee

            The next release will include a lot of pretty cool features that will get our SDS closer to the older feature set that was within 5.3..


            This will include custom properties, an improved bulk enrollment, the ability to change where you drop files that are pushed with a file payload and more.


            It is scheduled for Q3 at this time.




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              Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



              Any updated release schedule for the next revision of Avalanche? Being able to specify an installation directory is a core functionality that is severely lacking in Avalanche right now. I'm having to instruct end customers to use a StageNow barcode in order to manually move a configuration file deployed by Avalanche from the /enterprise/usr to it's respective directory. There is almost no compelling reason to use Avalanche at all with Zebra Android devices.

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                Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



                Any update on the release of SP3? We're into Q4 now.

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                  The much awaited release of Avalanche Premise 6.1 SP3 for Windows* is out now. Is there a way to get the released notes?

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                    Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

                    Here you go! I haven't tried it out for myself yet but I'm assuming it works.



                    Avalanche 6.1 SP3( Release Notes

                    1. Avalanche & Android - Support configurable file enrollment
                    2. Avalanche & Android - Support custom properties
                    3. Avalanche & Android - Support Bluetooth properties
                    4. Avalanche & Android - Support Android friendly name
                    5. Avalanche & Android - Configurable file location in file payload
                    6. Avalanche & Android - Support Blackout
                    7. Avalanche & Android - Reboot, Invoke application, ReSync
                    8. Avalanche - Add support for LDAPS authentication
                    9. Avalanche & Android - Support Datalogic DL-Axist
                    10. Avalanche & Android - Deprecate app wrapping
                    11. Avalanche & Android - enhance delete device process to make device can be deleted anyway
                    12. Avalanche & Android - sync again on successful sync

                    Known Issue:
                    Defect# 369531, 404 error occurs when saving a software payload or OS-Update payload and a deployment job is running at the same time.
                    Defect# 370361, Can't remove app when unapplying profile if software was installed by Google Play
                    Defect# 370407, Mobile Device Inventory report has null string

                    Defects Addressed:
                    1. Defect# 280677, fixed issue with Avalanche 6.1 When attempting device details - HTTP Status 500 - /app/mobileDevice/summaryDevice.
                    2. Defect# 280019, fixed issue with cert Manager not communicating with SCEP
                    3. Defect# 305986, fixed issue with OS Update Failing on WT6000s
                    4. Defect# 251901, fixed issue with Profiles\Packages are appearing in the Applied Profile on wrong devices.
                    5. Defect# 307570, fixed issue with CSV Reports crash Tomcat
                    6. Defect# 289036, fixed issue with Network profiles that are applied and enabled cannot be edited or disabled on version and newer
                    7. Defect# 289500, fixed issue with Avalanche 61. German Installation - J?nner (German special characers ?,?,邦 are the problem) January Reports do not present correctly Status 404 - /AvalancheWeb/reports/Custom/test_Do_J%C3%A4nner_21_110116.pdf
                    8. Defect# 306966, fixed issue with SDS - Missing licenses post upgrade caused massive license requests to SDS then hang it on when large quantity of devices check in
                    9. Defect# 305291, fixed issue with CertManager: CertManager does not account for multiple CA levels
                    10. Defect# 319848, fixed issue with Manifest URL Goes Missing From Software Payload
                    11. Defect# 287019, fixed issue with Avalanche v6.1.xx will not allow WPA2 (AES) EAP-TLS to use same Certificate for all devices
                    12. Defect# 330731, fixed issue with Android OS Updates - Some OS Updates do not work because the bootloader doesn't regonize the folder during the update.
                    13. Defect# 324411, fixed issue with ENA: Sync status display appears to provide false positives.
                    14. Defect# 330108, fixed issue with AVA6.1SPFedex: Issue with deleting devices from inventory
                    15. Defect# 350909, fixed issue with GCM enabler crashing on 6.0.1 Android OS
                    16. Defect# 119688, fixed issue with (PREMISE) Upgrading the Avalanche, does not save the Certificates in Tomcat
                    17. Defect# 320300, fixed issue with device Properties not appearing until page is refreshed
                    18. Defect# 331745, fixed issue with Avalanche Tomcat7 cookie only supports ASCII characters need UTF-8
                    19. Defect# 307238, fixed issue with failed to uninstall an App if it's delivered by payload
                    20. Defect# 322644, fixed issue with deadlock occurs when enroll multiple devices concurrently