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    renew certificate

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      You give us the process to create APNS certificate for ldms 2016

      What is the process for the renewal of APNS ?

      Do we have to run the process and click "renewal" on apple web site and follow your instruction? loop until? reconfigure LDMS?

      do we have to reenroll the devices to update the certificate?



      Thanks for your help,





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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee

          Hello Guillaume,


          When your APNS certificate is close to expiration Apple should send you an email to renew your certificate.  Once you renew the certificate you then will need to place the new cert into the mobility settings under device discovery.


          Devices that are already enrolled will show the certificate as expired, however because it was renewed all functionality will still work.


          New devices that are enrolled after the certificate is updated will show the newer certificate information.



          Nick R

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            mwoods Apprentice



            Reading through your solution you make it sound so easy but it looks like a lot is left out.

            • When attempting to renew the cert it needs the vendor signed certificate signing request which gets created in step 4 of the instructions on adding the "Adding Apple APNS Certificate to LDMS 2016 Core"
              • This would require you to go through the first 3 steps as well to get to that point
            • You would then go through the next steps but instead of clicking "Create a Certificate" in step 6 you would instead click on the "Renew" button for the cert you are using
            • Then once you renew the cert it would seem as though you would still need to post it to the core because that's how you get the pfx file used in the Device Discovery screen in LDMS
              • This has you following the remainder of the steps from that same document


            For all intents and purposes it looks like you need to go through the whole process again but instead of creating a new cert on the Apple Push Certificates Portal you are renewing it instead.

            How else would you get the pfx file if not by going through the rest of the steps? That is not the file that Apple provides