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    Number Count of detected and successful patches?


      Is there any way in LDMS 2016, to know the number count of detected patches and successful patches.


      When I right click on a device and select Security and Patch information, it displays all the patches detected.


      What I also require is the total count of detected patches so that I can give those specific servers more priority and long time window while patching them.


      Example: Server1 detected patches = 50 and Server2 detected patches = 10, so now I know that Server1 needs more time for patching compare to Server2.


      This information I also require for reporting purposes.

      Before patching Server1 detected patches = 50

      After patching Server1 detected patches = 5 (So now I know that 45 patches got installed successfully)


      Likewise How to find out the count of successfully installed patches in LDMS 2016.


      Thank you,