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    Scope returns duplicate results


      Hello Everyone!


      My company is currently experiencing a bizarre issue where our scopes will return results back with duplicate values of each return computer, and I have attached a screen shot of the results of a test scope.

      We are currently running on LDMS 9.6 SP2



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          LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

          Typically whenever I see duplicates, it is related to one or more columns in the column set. If you have a column which can contain multiple values, you will need to qualify it. For example, if you have a column for hard drive space, and you don't specify which partition or drive, you may get duplicate entries. Are those the only two columns you are pulling back?

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            Kenyon LANDeskWizard

            The scopes that use quires are based on location IP addresses. For example, here is one LDMS query that we use:

            "Computer"."Network"."TCPIP"."Address" > ""  AND  "Computer"."Network"."TCPIP"."Address" < ""


            Yet, the scopes do this even if it's based on a Device Group.

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              LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

              What columns are visible? Is it just the two in your screenshot?

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                Columns.jpgColumns2.jpg and the last two columns are state and time.

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                  We experienced something similar. I am not sure but I think we fixed it with a service pack or CP. Check the release notes of the SP3 and CPs after SP2.

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                    LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

                    You have quite a bit of columns so I suspect one of those is returning multiple values. You can try to isolate this by either creating a new column set, which is pretty bare, or start moving those columns over to the left. If the duplicates disappear, then that points to a column which may need to have a qualifier.

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                      We are running LDMS 9.6 SP2, so we're up to date on that. We recently installed LANDESK Software 9.60.2 - BASE 2016-0216A for an unrelated issue. I'm not quite sure what else we could use.

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                        I just tried a test scope with only the computer name, pointed to a device group, and the issue is still present.

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                          phoffmann SupportEmployee

                          Usually one of two things tends to apply here:


                          • You've chosen a data column that has more than 1 value

                          In this scenario, we'd show you a line of data for every instance. So for instance (SOFTWARE is a common thing)


                          Devicename = BOB   || SOFTWARE == 7zip

                          Devicename = BOB   || SOFTWARE == Microsoft Office

                          Devicename = BOB   || SOFTWARE == Adobe Somethingorother

                          Devicename = BOB   || SOFTWARE == LANDesk agent


                          It's a bit crude as an example, but have a look at all of your data columns - make sure that they're all unique.


                          In fact, make a copy of the query & just use the default 3 data columns ... see if the issue still persists.


                          • It *IS* possible that there's something borked with the database. That's pretty RARE (though I HAVE seen this sort of shenanigans) - in which case usually some healthy use of DBCC (the "DataBase Consistency Checker" assuming you're using SQL?) will help you find out anything overly obvious. In case you've not got access to SQL folks and are stuck with maintaining the DB yourself, the "check alone" (non-destructive) would look like so:

                          -- For example, let's assume your database is called "MyLDDatabase"

                          use [MyLDDatabase]



                          -- Run DBCC against the current DB - i.e. - "MyLDDatabase"

                          DBCC CHECKDB


                          As a final resort, you can open up a support ticket & we can have a look (chances are we'll need a full dump of your database though, just as a friendly heads-up).


                          I doubt it's a defect (more people would've seen this thing by now & we'd have heard of it) - so it's USUALLY one of the above two possibilities that I end up seeing.




                          You need not be concerned about your scopes by the by "at worst" (again, I stress it's unlikely, but even as a worst case scenario) we end up resolving 5x the same device against your scope - it doesn't really affect the scope itself at all. Only (at worst) the resolution of the scope takes longer because we pick up your stuff 5x.


                          Hope that helps a bit .



                          Since you've run this against a query with "just the computer name" it's not a case of column instantiation polluting your viewed data. We'll probably need a look at your database to figure out what's going on. My money is usually on it being a DB issue at this point. We may be able to help out with that.


                          Worth checking in with your DBA's (if you have access to some?) to see if they have some time to apply some maintenance TLC on your DB .

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                            Thanks for the informative reply! I am working with my supervisor on this issue, and I will ask him to check into the database to see if there's an issue. If he decides it's worth contacting support, we will do so! Thanks

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                              phoffmann SupportEmployee

                              No problem. It's what this place is here for .