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    What is this Error and how to fix it ?

    ManfredLachotta Rookie

      An error has occurred during processing.  Please try again.  If this continues to occur, please contact the application administrator.



      We installed a fresh XTraction Instance ? But if i want to define a Dashboard each time i get this error !

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          GreggSmith SupportEmployee

          That is a generic error message.  The content of that message does not give any clue as to the problem.


          Your description of what you were doing when it occurred DOES give a clue as to the problem, but it could still be any of a dozen issues.


          You can either look in the log file on the Xtraction server to see what the actual error information was, or you can put your web browser Xtraction application in Debug Mode so that it displays the details of the error INSTEAD of that generic error message (this keeps you from having to go look in the log file).


          This article explains how to put your browser in debug mode: How do I put the Xtraction web application in debug mode?


          Once in debug mode, just repeat your previous steps and when the error occurs, you should see details that point you to the problem, instead of that generic message. 


          My guess is that the problem is related to the connection to the LANDESK Service Desk database set up in the data model file.  Either the connection details were entered/saved, or the details were incorrect, or the details were correct but not configured correctly on the database, etc.  The specific error message that debug mode reveals would then further narrow down which of possible issues it might actually be.


          I hope this helps.