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    zscaler pac file false positives



      I have a quick question about false positives. We have a package, which is a registry editor that removes zscaler pac file (unchecks proxy from IE) ,that we pushed out awhile back after switching over to using meraki firewall/proxy. However when searching for PCs that may still have the pac file selected with our scan, we are still getting false positives of some devices still having the pac file even though it's unchecked. Is there something we can do to not get these false positives when using Landesk to scan these PC's?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Probably - it depends on how / what you're doing exactly to do that detection (I tend to explain that there's at least 3 ways to do the exact same thing in LANDesk as a guideline).


          So while I can come up with a bunch of ways to get to your effect, it'd help having a bit more detail.


          *USUALLY* this sort of "false positive" hit is down to a flaw in logic (i.e. - a detection working "as written" rather than "as intended") and/or devices retaining some garbage (not all uninstallers being as thorough as they ought to be at times for instance).


          So you may want to make sure that the false positives are indeed false positives, and - if so - give a bit more detail about what / how you're detecting things (my gut feeling is you're using a patch manager custom definition?).

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            Thanks for answering this. I believe we have solved the issue.