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    Unmanaged Device Discovery not showing unmanaged hosts.

    Typeav Rookie

      LD 9.6 SP2, migrated form 9.5


      When we run UDD scan, scanner don't find any new unmanaged host (we sure have some), it only keeps updating some records.



      We have 28 machines in All devices. 1 machine in Pending unmanaged client deployment and 29 listed in UDD (2 of them was unavailable during scan). So we miss 5 machines.



      When I look to scan tmp files, I can confirm, that UDD do scan missing addresses and do find and update them.

      Here is quote from scan.xml


      <host starttime="1463136733" endtime="1463136774"><status state="up" reason="user-set" reason_ttl="0"/>

      <address addr="" addrtype="ipv4"/>



      <ports><extraports state="closed" count="92">

      <extrareasons reason="resets" count="92"/>


      <port protocol="tcp" portid="80"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="http" method="table" conf="3"/></port>

      <port protocol="tcp" portid="135"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="msrpc" method="table" conf="3"/></port>

      <port protocol="tcp" portid="139"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="netbios-ssn" method="table" conf="3"/></port>

      <port protocol="tcp" portid="445"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="microsoft-ds" method="table" conf="3"/></port>

      <port protocol="tcp" portid="1025"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="NFS-or-IIS" method="table" conf="3"/></port>

      <port protocol="tcp" portid="1026"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="LSA-or-nterm" method="table" conf="3"/></port>

      <port protocol="tcp" portid="3389"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="ms-wbt-server" method="table" conf="3"/></port>

      <port protocol="tcp" portid="4899"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="126"/><service name="radmin" method="table" conf="3"/></port>


      <os><portused state="open" proto="tcp" portid="80"/>

      <portused state="closed" proto="tcp" portid="7"/>

      <portused state="closed" proto="udp" portid="30351"/>

      <osmatch name="Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or SP2" accuracy="96" line="52225">

      <osclass type="general purpose" vendor="Microsoft" osfamily="Windows" osgen="2003" accuracy="96"><cpe>cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2003::sp1</cpe><cpe>cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2003::sp2</cpe></osclass>


      <distance value="3"/>

      <tcpsequence index="256" difficulty="Good luck!" values="4D296CC9,210ED748,EE27AA68,3B117351,AC86E1EC,6CD6DB25"/>

      <ipidsequence class="Incremental" values="22DB,22DC,22DD,22DE,22DF,22E0"/>

      <tcptssequence class="zero timestamp" values="0,0,0,0,0,0"/>

      <hostscript><script id="smb-os-discovery" output="&#xa;  OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 3790 Service Pack 2 (Windows Server 2003 R2 5.2)&#xa;  OS CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2003::sp2&#xa;  Computer name: bss17transprez&#xa;  NetBIOS computer name: BSS17TRANSPREZ&#xa;  Workgroup: WORKGROUP&#xa;  System time: 2016-05-13T13:52:49+03:00&#xa;"><elem key="os">Windows Server 2003 R2 3790 Service Pack 2</elem>

      <elem key="lanmanager">Windows Server 2003 R2 5.2</elem>

      <elem key="server">BSS17TRANSPREZ\x00</elem>

      <elem key="date">2016-05-13T13:52:49+03:00</elem>

      <elem key="fqdn">bss17transprez</elem>

      <elem key="domain_dns">bss17transprez</elem>

      <elem key="workgroup">WORKGROUP\x00</elem>

      <elem key="cpe">cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2003::sp2</elem>

      </script></hostscript><times srtt="8572" rttvar="8306" to="100000"/>



      This quote confirms, that UDD scan can see missing machine.The question is why this machine is not listed anywhere in LDMS?


      Can I have any suggestions?

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          Jharris3400 Apprentice

          That is odd... Can you try performing a LDAP scan to find the device?


          Also take a look at this  Trying to deploy agent - Unable to contact the specified machine Return Code 1087

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            Typeav Rookie

            I did a little more diagnostic and found, that system fails to write new data to data base:


            Processing an ARP discovery file...

            05/26/2016 11:15:55 INFO  7196:1     RollingLog : Client with mac address D4EA0E8D9E96 does not exist in the client cache agent status is 0

            05/26/2016 11:15:56 INFO  7196:1     RollingLog : Entry does not exist, adding mac address D4EA0E8D9E96 to the database

            05/26/2016 11:15:56 INFO  7196:1     RollingLog : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): profile name is not valid

               at LANDesk.DataServices.Database.Database.ExecuteInsert(String table, String[] columns, Object[] values)

               at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.Database.Database.ExecuteInsert(String table, String[] columns, Object[] values)

               at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.XDD.XDDFiles2DB.Form1.AddOrUpdateXDDClient(Int32 identity, ClientData client)

               at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.XDD.XDDFiles2DB.Form1.HandleNewARPClient(ClientCache& cache, ClientData client, Int32 ClientExists)

               at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.XDD.XDDFiles2DB.Form1.ProcessDiscoveredARPFile(FilterThresholds thresholds, ThresholdProcessor processor, ClientCache cache, String file)


            Error Number:14607,State:1,Class:16

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              Typeav Rookie

              Case closed.


              There was custom trigger on [dbo].[insUNMANAGEDNODES] trying to send e-mail by absent mail profile. I added profile and everything works fine now.