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    windows 2012 reboot after patching

    BillGoff Rookie

      Has anyone seen Windows 2012 servers rebooting immediately after installing MS patches instead of using the time set in Reboot options?

      We are currently using WSUS and most of our Win2008 and Win2012 servers installing patches and reboot starting at 6:00am.

      The one LD Server Agent has a reboot window of 6:00 am - 7:00am and 'limit automatic reboot to the specified time window' is selected.


      The Win2008 servers use the reboot window.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Things usually behave as configured -- but you may want to have a look in the relevant vulscan log-file where you've been patching the box, to see what's going on. If vulscan (for instance) deigned to tell the box to reboot for whatever reason, it'll be in the log.


          If it's NOT in the log, it's possible "something else" (be it LANDesk or otherwise) asked the system to reboot (in which case that search can get interesting too).


          Just out of curiousity - when you're talking about "reboot window" - do you actually mean "maintenance window"? There's a difference between the two -- a maintenance window is important in regards to a job STARTING ... and once started, it'll continue working stuff of .So if you've had some "freakishly long" install times to contend with (can happen for a variety of reasons - often an over-active AV can really extend patch install times), then that could possibly explain things.


          If you're not sure what to look for, the LANDesk logs (generally) can be found in this location (assuming you're on 9.6 or newer) -- %PROGRAMDATA%\LANDesk\Log\ -- and the first logs to be looking at would be the vulscan logs.


          The "good" news is that you can ignore the size of the vulscan logs & just look for timestamps & read the log(s) from the bottom up -- since you don't care about what patches were installed, only whether vulscan decided to reboot your server for this particular stage of things.


          Also - what version are you running (just as a general question)?


          Hope this helps you along a bit.