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    Capture Image - Waiting for IP adress (HP 800 G2)

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      We recently purchased some HP 800 G2 SFF desktops. When I PXE boot to image i have the message "wainting for ip adress..............", i think the WinPE NIC drivers are not included to access the network. I'm running LDMS 2016

      I believe the NIC we have is in the systems is the 'Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM' NIC (at least that's how it's labeled in Windows 7/10 in device manager).

      I have aded a lot of drivers in the boot.wim and redeploy the pxe representative  (7/8/8.1/10 for x86 and x64)

      I tried to run the command ipconfig /renew and i have the answer "no adaptater is in the state permissible for the operation"

      i think i have not the proper driver.

      Can you help me ?


      Thank you.

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          I have run into this issue with HP Elitebooks. The following are instructions from WinPE – loading drivers to a live instance | J. Gregs Brain Corral

          1. Get you driver, load it to removable media, connect the media to your running WinPE instance.
          2. “cd” to the driver directory
          3. Run “drvload [path to inf file]”
          4. If you just loaded a network driver, run “wpeutil initializeNetwork”.
          5. Done!

          Depending on your WinPE version, use the driver that lines up with that OS version. For example, my office is using WinPE 4.0, so we use Windows 8 drivers. Go here to find what OS your winpe version is.

          My typical way to find out which driver I needed is to copy all the nic drivers from the computers driver disc, start up in winpe, and manually inject the drivers with the above steps until I get the one that works. Then I inject that driver into the winpe image and redeploy the pxe reps.


          Let me know if you have any more questions.