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    Preferred Servers don't seem to be working correctly


      I have LANDesk 9.5 SP3 installed and I have several preferred servers set-up with correct subnets and credentials.


      I am using OSD for imaging and I have some package bundles set-up during the install.


      The install works but I am seeing in the CurrentDownloads log that the OSD is going to a different server when pulling down some of the software installs.


      How do I force the OSD to only choose the preferred server files when imaging?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Couple of things here.


          1 - OSD is "legacy" (/dead) tech - you may want to move over towards Provisioning.


          Also 9.5 has been EOL'ed as of December 2015 - I'd suggest moving on to an actively supported version - not just from a features point of view but also mainly because of 9.5 not getting any more security fixes if (when?) something else pops up along the likes of DROWN etc.


          2 - One of the advantages of Provisioning is that you're in a WinPE environment - meaning you can use PEDownloader. What is PEDownloader? As it happens, I wrote an article yesterday how you can use that file to help you make sense of software distribution issues in a controlled fashion. It may help you along the way here a bit.


          The article is here -- How to use PEDownloader.exe to Duplicate / Troubleshoot Software Distribution


          ... darnit. Upon a hunch I checked on a 9.5 Core I still had - and PEDownloader is a 9.6 onwards only thing. Darn - that'll make life harder.


          Hummm ...


          So - do "regular" Windows clients in the relevant network segment get their preferred server information correctly?  This (new) article may help you check into that stuff:

          - How to debug why my preferred server config isn’t being used (Preferred server doesn't work)


          Hope that helps?

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