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    Service Desk Admin Role, but Read Only Permission on Description Field

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      Hello Community!


      Sometimes it is necessary to redact sensitive information within our incidents or requests that come into our service desk team, given that LDSD isn't encrypted. One would expect the Administrator role would allow permission to edit all fields within an incident or a request. However, I have this role and can only modify the description field in existing incidents, but not for requests. I confirmed the field I wish to edit (the description field) is in Process manager/Process, per the properties of the field in Windows manager. I have created a role that has read and update permissions for this module, gave that to myself, but still could not modify this field in an existing record. I then gave that role the update right to every single item in the Request section. Still, I was unable to modify that field. Also, I do not see any calculations in the window that suggest a dynamic property that doesn't allow editing this field until some property is selected.


      Does anyone know what I may be missing?

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          andreas.lindner Expert


          here are the most common options, why you cannot change the content of an attribute, that you might want to check:

          1. Check the window in Window Manager if some of the attributes you can't write into are marked as "Read Only" or "Write Once" (doesn't matter the privilleges). If yes it is the best practice to set up an additional window for Admins only (copy one window and set all to "ReadWrite", then set the window selection rules).


          2. Check the Object Designer if the attribute you're trying to alter is being calculated or if any calculation is on your attribute. If there is a calculation the value cannot be filled manually but e.g. only via an Action.


          Looking at the calculation may give you a hint on how the attribute content is changed.




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            Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



            Check the protection level of the attribute on the relevant form in Window Manager. Also, I am assuming the request you are trying to edit isn't at a End Status (such as Closed) as this sets the entire record to Read Only.