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    Change Validation Restriction


      Is it possible within the Change module to prevent a change owner from validating his/her own changes?


      Our change process is configured to restrict the Validate button to only users who have the Change Approver role. However, clearly there are limited sub set of users who can both raise changes but also approve their own


      I just wondered if some calculation could be written to say if change owner is change validator, prevent move on in process?

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          John Stuart-Robson Employee



          The simplest option is a standard precondition.  If for example you are using the RaiseUser attribute as you Change Owner value.  You can Create a condition before the Approve or Reject actions,at the approval status' of;



          Does Not Equal

          Does Not Equal

          Runtime Value



          That is the simplest route and prevents the RaiseUser from approving their Change.


          If you need to be more specific then you would need to use a calcluated pre-condition.


          Hope that helps.



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            Hi John


            Many thanks for the reply and helpful suggestion - I will give this a go in our UAT/Test environment.