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    Data Analytics - Calculation Rules - One to many attributes




      I use LDDA with few calculation rules and I think I'm closed to the product usage limits.

      Indeed, I try to calculate some attributes but these attributes are "One to many" values (Memory, hard disk, ...)


      My  Challenge is to calculate the total Storage Hard Disk on my managed server but I don't want to calculate the LUN attached storages.



      Disk 1:

           -Name: DELL SCSI Disk   

           -Storage:80 000 MB

      Disk 2:

           -Name: LUN Array Dsik

           -Storage: 300 000 MB

      Disk 3:

           -Name: DELL SCSI Disk

           -Storage: 40 000 MB


      Value calculated = 120 000 MB


      Can you help to realize this rule ?

      Thank you.