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    Any body using SQL 2008


      I wanted to see if anyone was using SQL 2008.  Currently I am using LD 8.7 sp5 with SQL 2005 and we are upgrading to SQL 2008 for other applications and wanted to see if anyone has done this or knows if it will work or not.



      Ed P

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          zman Master

          Works or is supported?  Its is not supported, not even on 8.8 according to the system requirements.  So it may work but if you need support that is where the issues come into play. Maybe it is supported and the page has not been updated, but I would not take a chance on 8.7.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            It isn't supported - and won't be in current (i.e. 8.7 / 8.8) versions.


            We only support new Database systems in the same way that we support new Core Server OS-versions ... with new revisions of LANDesk, pretty much.


            While it "may work", in order for something to be supported, it needs to go through an entire testing battery of validation testing. Furthermore, since we're talking a pretty central piece of "our workings" (no LANDesk without a database after all) needs to be (1) working properly and (2) optimised for that particular thing.


            Adding a single "new thing" is actually a pretty big deal, since it adds a whole layer of tests. It's not just a case of "well, install it and see if LANDesk works for 5 minutes" sort of thing - it needs to be installed + tested in all the languages we support (for a start) and then with the OS's we support ... so you get a pretty hefty matrix increase already with that :).


            I would say that this is a strong candidate for the next version of LANDesk to support - I'd be surprised if we didn't by then - but that's not written in stone and is purely my hypothesis. Maybe engineering run into some obscure issue while coding and SQL 2008 breaks LANDesk ... unlikely, but you never know.


            Suffice to say that - for now - it's unsupported and will remain that way. It should not be expected to be supported until the next release of LANDesk at the earliest for the reasons mentioned above.


            Let me know if you have any questions.


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead