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    VBScripts running as local system


      Hi Guys,


      Not sure if this is relevant or not. I am trying to use a scheduled task to finish off an install. I need to change the target of the icon once the installation has finished.


      The best way I thought about doing this is creating 2 packages, one with the full installation of the software and the other to change to the shortcut target on the public desktop by using a


      Now I was going to attach the full installation package as a dependency due to the software needing to be installed for this to happen(Link needs to be on ALL desktops).


      I have created the script which works fine if I run as is and or in a .bat file which is copied to the local machine and then removed once completed.


      However at the moment it seems that I can't get the local system account to run the vbscript.

      I have tried using psexec.exe -i -s cmd.exe to run the script and to no joy, nothing happens.


      However if I run as a domain admin it seems to work.


      Any ideas will be great.


      Thanks Ben