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    Creating a Last Updated By Column

    JKoslowski Apprentice

      The end goal is to make it so the technician can easily see when a record is updated by someone other than themselves.


      What I've done so far:

      Created an attribute called "Last Responder" on the Process object

      Created a calculation that is run After Read that compares current assignment to the last update (calculation below)

      So it will only display the last update by title if the person is someone other than the tech, so if it was them, the field is blank


      The problem:

      When the user updates their ticket via email the field does not get filled in.  I'm not sure if the calculation is just not being run and the field filled in or something else.  Thoughts?  Or better way?


      import System

      static def GetAttributeValue(Process):

        Value =  ""

        if Process.LastUpdateUser.Title != Process.CurrentAssignment.User.Title:

        Value = Process.LastUpdateUser.Title

        return Value


      I could just set the query to show Last Updated By.Title and just hope the tech ignores their own name in the list but it would be nice to filter it out.