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    Problem Adding Nic Drivers To PXE Boot Image


      I am trying to add nic drivers (broadcom netxtreme) for a Lenovo t43 to my PXE boot image.  I have followed the instructions contained in KB #3469 to a tee, but I still get a 'failed to install network adaptor' error when I attempt the PXE boot.


      I added the following files from the driver package.






      Any direction or adivce provided would be greatly apppriciated.





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Yeah - that particular manufacturer of NIC's can be a right pain. There's not really much we can suggest other than trying different drivers.


          Usually we recommend (first) trying the last 3-4 driver revisions that the OEM provides - i.e. Lenovo/IBM in this case. If those fail, try (second) the last 3-4 driver revision the NIC manufacturer provides (i.e. Broadcom in this case).


          Also, in some cases (at least while testing) - you might try and go "overkill" - and not just adding "just the 3 files", but the entire driver structure/directories ... that sometimes gets the less co-operative ones working as well (and you can whittle down from there as to what files are actually needed).


          Hope this helps :).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Actaully, my problem was more simple than this.  I actually added the correct drivers using winimage to view/edit the ldvpe1.img file.  My problem was that I neglected to redeploy my PXE reps after I added the drivers.  Thanks for the help.