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    Assistance with a process (The red X)

    CAGreen Apprentice

      Hi, hopefully someone will be able to help me with my query.


      I am making some changes to a bespoke process in order to allow the user to select what kind of server will be decommissioned.  So I didn't break the original process I copied it and made the necessary changes (See attached).


      I have saved the new version of the process, however I cannot enable the process as the option to do so isn't there, I have checked that the process flows without any missing links, the changes I have made over the original process can be seen in the attached screen shot.


      -Awaiting server type-other status

      -Phy_serv-action instance

      -Virtual server-action instance

      -Add task-automatic action instance


      This then attached to an automatic action instance called move on.


      Any advice is appreciated.