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    Trying to create a Workstation scope that allows users to provision.

    jpozucek Apprentice

      I'm trying to create a workstation scope that still allows the techs to provision.  I have a Provisioning Group set with the correct roles and a Workstation scope.  I read through the site and I saw I needed to add the "Bare Metal Provision" Type to my scope. 


      So my scope is based in the following query.


      Computer.type = Portable or Computer.type = Workstation or Computer.type = Bare Metal Provision or Computer.type = Machine or Computer.type = Computer


      The templates are timing out with 40 of 40 tries.  They can't Provision unless I add "All Devices" to the scope of my Provisioning Group.


      What else can I be missing?


      I am on 9.5 SP2