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    Install Software only when user is logged in

    rheckber Rookie

      We are starting a pilot program to install Crashplan which is a cloud backup service.  Because it is only backing up the users home directory the installer finds out who launched explorer.exe and uses that info to create the user's account and set the home directory as the directory to be backed up.  If there is no user logged on, the install gets null values and fails.  Because it is a pilot, we'll be pushing it out to 1's and 2's and can make sure they are logged on.   Eventually, we'd like to push this out to larger groups and having it run only when the user is logged in will be much more important.  I know I've seen that setting in SCCM but I can't find anything like that in LANDesk.  I'd also much prefer it to be part of the package versus the task if possible so if someone were to create a new task it would be part of it.