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    Template Designer - Template Name

    AM06160 Apprentice



      On our current system we have a Request process that allows us to automatically resolve certain enquiries when they are logged.


      I am trying to include another one of these requests on our test system.  The process includes a Decision that asks whether the Template Name is equal to a specific value, if 'Yes' then 'Resolve' and the resolution contains the predefined text.  There are already a number of these set up in the same way wand work perfectly but for some reason my attempt fails.  Creating this template in Template Designer it doesn't seem to assign the Template any name - it contains a NULL value after creation.  I have updated the Template Name and in the Properties the Template Title has the same name.  I cannot see any other way to specify the template name.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          After you create the Template, instead of updating the Template Name field in the properties, simply right click on the template and select rename.  I've found this is much easier.  Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the database may see it as Template47 or something like that because the database will use a name field.  Just make sure you are passing the right field name into your decision.  Could you post a screenshot of your decision and how it's defined?  This might help a bit to troubleshoot.



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            AM06160 Apprentice

            Hi Jamie,


            Thanks for your reply!  Sorry I have only came across this now - I didn't receive an email notification to notify me that this thread had been updated.


            I had already tried renaming the template (I just tried again to be doubly sure that it didn't work )  From checking the database it appears many of the usr_template names are NULL values.  This is strange as the template names are available for selection in the console when you create process object shortcuts. 


            Here is a screenshot of my decision:


            Decision HT is LIB GENERAL HT Lost Student Card..PNG

            Many thanks for your help.


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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              So the template name is a drop down list on your main form correct?  Can you confirm this is the case?


              If so, when you built this condition, did you have to type in the Value or was the value available from a drop down list?  You could try writing your Condition as a calculation so it can check for nulls.  Something like:


              Value = false


              if TemplateName != null:

                   if _TemplateName._Title == 'LIB GENERAL HT Lost Student Card':

                        Value = true


              This way you could run a test on some tickets to see what result you return.


              Then the rest of your condition would be EQUALS and the Value would be TRUE.


              It sounds though that if it's not catching your standard condition you have written here, it's seeing it as nothing there. 

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                AM06160 Apprentice

                Hi Jamie,


                The template name isn't available from a drop down list on the form.   I had to type the details into the condition rather than select from a drop down list.  This is the first time I've had to add an entry into this process.  Someone had set this up before me this premise seems to have worked perfectly in the past but I can't seem to replicate it.


                The template name is available for selection when you want to 'Add a process or object shortcut' to a shortcut in the LANDesk web access console but when you search for any calls logged against the new template, the usr_template attribute for that call in the database is a NULL value.  When you log a call this process fails and doesn't send out the resolution text required because the Template Name value hasn't matched.


                I will give the calculation above a try and let you know how I get on




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                  AM06160 Apprentice

                  Hi Jamie,


                  Sorry I am only revisiting this now.  I have tried to use a calculation similar to what you described above but with no success.  I receive the error:


                  Is there any way to update this in the database?



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                    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                    This typically means you have the same action you are trying to add already in the Optional Actions Instances collection on the properties of that status.


                    Highlight the status Open, and click the Properties item in the middle menu section.  There is an Optional Action Instances item in there.  Open that and see if the action you are trying to add is in there.  If so, remove it, Save the process and give it another shot.

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                      AM06160 Apprentice

                      Hi Jamie,


                      I thought I would come back to this thread and update you on our findings.  It turns out that the person who configured this actually created an additional attribute called Template Name  its on the template in amongst a number of 'Administrator' fields(that I completely missed!).


                      Thanks for your help