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    Cisco Switches categorized as "Router" in Data Analytics


      Hi All,


      I am scanning my network using Data Analytics' (LANDesk 2016) SNMP Scan; after the SNMP Scan is completed successfully, I get my devices listed in the "ASSET CONTROL" tab. What I have observed is that my Cisco Switches get categorized under the "ROUTER" category instead of the "SWITCH" category. The Inventory of the Switch also shows the CLASS as "ROUTER". I have tried the following but no change in results:


      1.. Updated and checked for any latest updates from LANDesk Support for bug fixes.


      2.. Executed the Rules from  DATA TRANSLATION SERVICES for mapping CISCO Device Class.


      3.. Changed SNMP community Strings to DEFAULT on the Cisco Switch and rescanned.



      Has anyone come across this issue..? Any help is highly appreciated.





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          csoto Specialist

          To be totally pedantic, every Cisco switch I've seen for the last several years is capable of Layer 3 routing, so it's not technically incorrect



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            Thanks, Charles for the response. Though the Switch has Routing capabilities, it is still a Switch.


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              masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup


              Hi Hatim,


              you were on the right track with your second idea. The "Map Data --> Cisco Device.Class" is the Thing you have to look. It should look like in the following screenshot:

              As you can see, there are three rules that could mark the device as a switch, if none of these rules match, it's defined as router (the last entry).


              Now it depends on your cisco devices, what it reports back to the asset control. Open the inventory of your switch and look in the model entry. The first rule looks for a string combination of "CAT" or "WSC6" or "Switch". If none of these strings are in the model field, it jumps to the next line and looks for the string "Catalyst" in the SNMP entries OID = "". The last rule that would mark the device as switch is rule 5 in my screenshot, here it checks for the string "Switch" in the device description.


              If none of the 3 rules works for your device, you have to copy this "Cisco Device.Class" rule and modify it that it fits your device's needs, because you can't modify built-in rules.


              Hope it helps.


              Kind regards





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                Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                Hi Hatim,


                And, if you discover why the 3 rules from Christian's post aren't sufficient, let LANDESK know about it, so they can change the default rule and the whole community can profit (and it will help you too, maintaining 1 custom copied rule less )




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                  Hello Dear Friends,

                  Apologies for the late response.

                  Thanks for your inputs, specially Christian..!

                  I have got the issue resolved and what I have learnt is that the rules that you create will have to be according to the devices that you have in your network. The rules apply in the order they are set; i did end up having the wrong category in the beginning and the original rule set will have to be accompanied by many other small ones so as not to disturb the required categorization. Sometimes all the cisco devices would become routers or switches including the firewalls as well... The catch here is to have just one rule set that categorizes all the different category of devices as per their type.

                  Thanks to LD Support & Christian for the initial gidance and help me find my way. I will post a clear screen shot of the rule set soon.