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    Functional problems with Service Catalog in Service Desk 2016.1

    BillCampbell Apprentice

      We are using Service Desk 2016.1 and when we open a Request category in our Self Service Service Catalog, we are experiencing a few odd issues.

      Has anyone else seen these?


      1. Once a Request category has been opened, you cannot select the Service Catalog option from the side menu to go back to the top level; you are forced to select another item and then reopen Service Catalog. Is there a way to add a "Back" button?

      Service Desk 2016.1 Service Catalog - cannot return to top level.png




      2. The Category dropdown menu in the Search field is too short - it cuts off part of the Category name.

      ServiceDesk 2016.1 Service Catalog Search Dropdown to Narrow.png