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    How to tell user that the web service failed?

    jkhill Specialist

      I have a web service that returns a 0 to the WSReturn field if it was successful and 10 if it failed.  The web service is tied to an object I call Custom Email.


      I've set up a condition to check whether WSReturn is 0.  If so, the process continues to an automatic Add Note action.  If not, I'd like to generate a popup message to the user to let them know tha something went wrong.  I already have the WSReturn value visible in the form that calls my web service, but the only way a user would see it is if they hit Save rather than Save & Close, and then remembered to scroll down to check.


      I was thinking of setting up the process to run a manual Add action for my Custom Email object, and that would open up a specific window.  But (a) the action would create a new Custom Email instance, which isn't what I want and (b) I don't think I can specify which window the user sees except based on status, and regardless of whether an error is encountered, the parent Incident will remain in the same status.


      The only other thing I can think of is to create a whole new dummy object called Failed Custom Email, and it would contain a handful of calculation string fields showing which options had been selected in the original object.  The window would include those red labels indicating a problem.  That seems really kuldgey, and I'm wondering whether there's a simpler way of handling this.