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    Integrating 3rd party web forms

    TSanderson Rookie

      Has anyone used a 3rd party web form which feeds in to LDSD? We are looking to use achieve forms to do this, but I'm not really sure where to start. I'd be interested in any examples of similar set-ups which have been implemented by other.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Eric Xiang SupportEmployee



          I attached an example of LDSD integration with Sharepoint Portal.

          I have seen LDSD integrated with a 3rd party software using event manager. You may check the LDSD user manual called EventManager.pdf

          I heard there might be some new docs about the API description in the release of 2016.2 next month which cannot be confirmed yet.

          I hope that helps.



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            Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



            I have done this on a number of occasions using Event Manager. It is common for customers to have existing web forms that they do not wish to/cannot replace. So the web form remains in place and is altered to make a Web Service call to the Event Manager framework.


            Have a search on here/LANDesk help for Event Manager that should give you a starter for ten.