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    Has anyone used IIS to redirect self-serve and web desk to 2 different URLs?


      Anyone else have this challenge?  If so, could you please share how you resolved? 


      Here’s the challenge.   We wanted a service catalog that had more a simplified web look and navigation than what the Service Catalog in LDSD offered.

      We utilized Adobe to build out the page(s) and then utilized a web page gadget on an LDSD Dashboard to house in LDSD so that we didn’t lose functionality for Analysts to access the webdesk.


      HOWEVER, the challenge is that in order to make the web page gadget work and display the page correctly, we have to take the Adobe page and save it as an HTML file on the respective server (Dev for this example).

      Additionally, maintaining the correct copy and/or multiple pages is going to be a potential risk if something gets out of sync.  


      Ideal solution is be able to direct the Self-Serve site to the Adobe page, but the Web Desk to LDSD.  This allows us to minimize maintenance of an HTML file and coding adjustments needed as a static document and maintains current access for the Analysts.


      Simplification of what we'd like to do:

      We want to redirect http://server/servicedesk.webaccess/SS/ to be redirected to the one URL and http://server/servicedesk.webaccess/WD/ to go to another URL.  Currently we are unable to do this in Landesk. 

      I understand that we could use IIS, where we set something up in IIS to look at the full URL and if it matched a string of text then it would redirect to another page. So it’s like the http redirect, but instead of the normal way of doing it (where it redirects if you go to a folder) instead it redirects if it finds the /SS string or the /WD string.


      We are currently on version 7.8.2

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          smiddleton Expert

          We also had issues with the built in Service Catalogue functionality, namely have a small link bottom right to request item, clicking anywhere on the item opens the item not a request and a big 1 for us was the service catalogue completely ignores data partitioning.


          Also a bug where if you add any processes from the Human Resources module the entire catalogue gets blanked and nothing shows.


          Whilst this doesn't specifically answer your question regarding IIS Redirect our method was also to roll our own service catalogue, however we managed this by just creating a different dashboard and using a query template to control the formatting, using a query with various prompts allows for the service catalogue to be filtered.


          We use 4 web servers and load balance across them to provide redundancy and this offers some pains for keeping certain files or custom pages in sync, my method for dealing with this has been to setup a shared folder (Personally used a DFS replication share from the 2 application servers we have.) then in IIS on each of the servers add a virtual directory pointinig to this share.


          If you add the virtual directory to the Website hosting your webaccess rather than within the webaccess itself your links are simpler to maintain. Any file or page I need to reference I just prefix with "../../" and then whatever would be after the WD/ or SS/ which prevents links from trying to push users into WD when they are currently in SS.


          Have you replaced all of the functionality of self service for your end users, or just the service catalogue?

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            Thanks, smiddleton!!  We decided not to


            Ultimately, we utilized Adobe to develop and replace all of the functionality for the service catalog.  We redirected all web traffic end users to that application but Analysts still go directly to the web desk.  Future plans are to redirect LDSD production to a new url.  Our help desk url (different from the Landesk Service Desk) will direct all traffic to the service catalog, including the Analysts.  The other benefit will be that we can host a maintenance page when we have outages for Test to Live.